Thursday, October 10, 2013

PAGE VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!1 Where are they coming from? Love ya'll people that are out there, I'm so bored, peace!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I know I'm only a Freshman but I'm thinking about college already, wow!
I'm one strange pickle.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

hello heLLO HELLO

Hello freaks, I mean geeks, I mean it's been weeks! sorry, that was weird, and random, anyways, hows it going for all of you's? I'm totally lazy and boring and need to update this more often, and also, please read any and all of my online stories, please comment on them I feel lonely:( also please join me on that site and write with me go collabratives!
the second one is my best story.
(keep them fingers up!)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm bAck

Hello ladies and Lordes, haha, get it Lordes? There's a band called Lorde, oh whatever....
I'd rather not be called Jeno anymore, my name is Patricka and thats what I'd prefer to be called.
I'm giving a shoutout to my friend +Damon Rennaker  for being awesome and helping me out through a darkish moment for me yesterday. And a shout out to +Calico B'shalom sorry about how I had to hang up on you the other night my mom came in my room and took away my phoe, not my cell, but my only calling phone pretty much, a shout out for +Mimi Benson  for being back in town already, we need to hang out girly, a shout out to Charlotte, but I need her new email to do a google+ shoutout, anyways, a shout out to +Fisher Newman for well, being Fisher, btw bro, get back to going to park day, come see us all we miss you, except apparently Eleanor :/ don't ask I don't know BTW she's mad at you for defriending her because she thinks you were being an a** about something, I dunno what though....
Shoutout to +Smile your posts make me smile, and laugh, which helps me, thank you, +Loben Maishen I am working on the anime backgrounds, I can probably come over to work on it next week if you want, or this  week I guess.... Anytime really.....
Did I forget anybody? I hope not, sorry if I did let me know....
I'm bored....
Again thanks to all of you +Damon Rennaker  You need to teach me how to play Therapy by All Time Low, that cover you did was amazing, you should learn I feel like dancin' by All time low, it rocks...
Love yall's
Bye, +1 my blog :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Black is my favorite color, white is the color of New Beginnings. I love Cherry Chip Cake Mix by Betty Crocker, yummy! I also love messy butter cake. "I have no favorite song for music is magic and one of a kind." -Jeno Watina. By the way that's my name, Jeno. Hi and welcom to my blog, I know I'm insane, that's why I never asked. Totally true by the way. Cheers to my friend +Loben Maishen Yo wazzup!!! And also to my friend +Mimi Benson  hopeefully this is the right one, haha.
Again hi and welcome to my blog!!!!

-Jeno Watina