Saturday, January 18, 2014

In the scene Dating Scene
Going lesbo cause most guys I've dated are assholes

Girl Power At It's Finest

 Don't add people you haven't gotten to know first on I learned that the hard way

[1/12/2014 9:43:59 PM] Kyle Justice: awww, okay, then maybe I can call in a bit
[1/12/2014 9:44:29 PM] Brad Layton: Ok haha wear some thing sexy ! 😘
[1/12/2014 9:44:51 PM] Kyle Justice: You wouldn't even be able to see me haha
[1/12/2014 9:45:02 PM] Brad Layton: Why not ?
[1/12/2014 9:45:15 PM] Kyle Justice: cause I can't video call
[1/12/2014 9:45:28 PM] Brad Layton: Why not
[1/12/2014 9:46:10 PM] Kyle Justice: cause thats when I was with char, I don't have a webcam :( But I'm probably going to be able to video chat in a few days :)
[1/12/2014 9:46:44 PM] Brad Layton: oh ok
[1/12/2014 9:46:49 PM] Kyle Justice: ya
[1/12/2014 9:47:01 PM] Brad Layton: well my dicks hard so im going to go wank
[1/12/2014 9:47:10 PM] Kyle Justice: have fun
[1/12/2014 9:47:16 PM] Brad Layton: i will ha
[12:34:03 AM] Kyle Justice: hai
[12:46:40 AM] Kyle Justice: ya online
[12:59:01 AM] Brad Layton: Yeah
[12:59:21 AM] Kyle Justice: hows it going?
[12:59:33 AM] Brad Layton: Good ha you
[12:59:40 AM] Kyle Justice: good, tired
[12:59:55 AM] Brad Layton: Oh ok you alone ?
[1:05:09 AM] Brad Layton: I'm wanking sorry
[1:05:15 AM] Kyle Justice: oh okay then
[1:05:31 AM] Brad Layton: You can see if you do stuff ?
[1:05:42 AM] Kyle Justice: What?
[1:06:05 AM] Brad Layton: Show me your boobs and ill show you
[1:06:44 AM] Kyle Justice: I'm good, I got a girlfriend
[1:07:06 AM] Brad Layton: Ok so your not gunna do anything can I delete you
[1:07:35 AM] Kyle Justice: what the fuck I thought you'd want to at least be friends but you just use women for fuck or masterbation buddies? That's low
[1:08:08 AM] Brad Layton: Haha you decide
[1:08:42 AM] Kyle Justice: You know I thought you were cute and nice and all and your all like, "I'm so proud of my dick you want to see it?" like what the actual fuck, this is why I'm going lesbian, cause of guys like you. Asshole.
[1:09:14 AM] Brad Layton: I don't give a fuck
[1:10:42 AM] Kyle Justice: oh okay then, you didn't learn a damn thing, thats fine, I figured something so inspiring and powerful wouldn't teach you anything. I'm not showing you my tits too see your dick. I mean really, If I wanted to see a dick I'd just watch gay porn since it's funny and entertaining, not watch you wank yourself out of bordom.
[1:12:27 AM] Brad Layton: Coolio your lesbian cause no guy would ever put up with you ha
[1:12:27 AM] Kyle Justice: Also, I get more pussy than you do so I'm fucking proud you little bastard. Your the type of bastard that deserves to die in a fucking hole okay you little weasel that looks like Zac Efron? And Zac is unattractive. Besides, when I was bi I liked men, not horny teenage boys.
[1:13:20 AM] Kyle Justice: And I'm lesbian because guys like you grow up to be rapists and I don't want to know a future rapist, I'm the breakerupper not the breakupee
[1:14:04 AM] Kyle Justice: In the US by the way women don't fucking kneel at boys feet and do what they're told, we run this motherfucking town
[1:14:30 AM] Kyle Justice: Your worse than scum you know
[1:15:28 AM] Kyle Justice: You fucking piss me off, guys like you running around online with your dicks hanging out looking for horny girls who live in North Korea
I'm adding you to my blog by the way to prove that there are douches out there
[1:24:28 AM] Brad Layton: I can see you are loving life ! So positive ha and so annoying
[1:26:35 AM] Kyle Justice: thanks, I'm not enjoying it as much as others but okay, I see you read my profile I guess and thats okay, I don't really care. I'm not as positive as you may think though, I hate that people assume that about me it's annoying. Yes I ramble, yes I'm annoying, yes I'm a lesbian. Oh well, that's me, I'm also a lot of other things I'm proud of and not really proud of. I could really do better, and this is my first step of becoming better by taking out the trash.
In case your brain is not functioning correctly since you were dropped a lot as a young child, the trash I'm taking out is you, and not on a date, to the garbage can then to the gargage dump to get composted into heaps of manure to be used in grass fertilizer for cows and then eaten by cows who is eaten then by people who shit you out later and it ends up in the ocean, your stink killing all the fish
[1:54:54 AM] Kyle Justice: damn you Brad Layton
[3:16:01 AM] Brad Layton: Fuck you talk a lot of shit woman
[3:19:33 AM] Kyle Justice: What the hell do you think you little motherfucking douche of a whore. You must be such a disapointment to your mother. You are such a lame, horrible, embarrassing human being on this planet that needs to rot in a pit of fiery hell. Fuck you bitch. Suck my dick you little motherfucker. Youre a disgrace in the sight of god and your a didsgrace in life. 1 tip, don't piss me the fuck off. Don't play with fire or you get born. Hell hast no fury like a woman scorned
[3:19:52 AM] Kyle Justice: And I know I talk a lot on here, I usually don't though
[3:21:14 AM] Brad Layton: Wow no one must like you if you have to say this much about someone that you don't even know haha
[3:22:05 AM] Kyle Justice: good for you, you think you know so much about me when you know so little
Besides, why are you judging me when we both have no right to judge each other. If we both can choose to make bad or good choices, how can we judge when we make either?
 [3:23:47 AM] Brad Layton: Can you stop talking to me ! Your fucking weird
[3:24:03 AM] Kyle Justice: You spelled you
[3:24:08 AM] Kyle Justice: *you're wrong
[3:24:31 AM] Kyle Justice: You must be illiterate or of illiterate parents
[3:24:45 AM] Brad Layton: Haha I remember when I did that ! I was 12
[3:25:18 AM] Kyle Justice: I tried being nice by saying we have no right to judge, but now your pissing me off. What do you remember doing what? You must be disillusional
[3:25:37 AM] Brad Layton: Block me then
[3:25:48 AM] Kyle Justice: Na, this is too entertaining
[3:25:52 AM] Kyle Justice: *nah
[3:26:41 AM] Kyle Justice: you remember doing what when you were twelve?
[3:26:50 AM] Kyle Justice: masterbating on camera too?
[3:27:44 AM] Brad Layton: Nah I get pussy for days now ha In blocking you cause you have no other life but to try make someone else's day bad ! When really I don't give a fuck
[3:28:00 AM] Kyle Justice: kay, bye forever