Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Freedom is Life's Greatest Lie

       I don't believe in freedom, it's a dream that just won't happen in reality. It's a label. What is free exactly? Is it the core being of ourselves, open to everything and the will of speech? Or is freedom a vice upon itself because there is no such thing as freedom? Freedom, the lie everyone dreams of and some believe in.
       There is a theory from Pierre Simon Laplace, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities about how the past and the laws of nature lead us to our already predetermined futures. He's arguing that we have free will, and in my opinion I believe free will is like everyone's own personal freedom. So I don't exactly agree with him. Why isn't it just will, why does it have to be free will? I believe in someone having a will, a set path and all, but free will is questionable, and I don't believe in it. Like I don't believe in freedom. Within the three major positions of the free will debate (Compatibility, Libertarianism, and Hard Determinism) I'm somewhere in between Libertarian and Had Determinism. That scale tends to remind me of the political scale a little though, just from a different view point and topic.
       Some think it's necessary to be ethical, some believe determinism is what you were going to do anyway, and some moral philosopher's get frustrated here on all of these topics. This is a window into my thoughts and opinions.
       First and second-order desires; first order desires are when we desire something, our second-order desires are something we desire about our desires. An example would be someone who self harms and they desire to harm themselves, while also desiring to not want to harm themselves.