Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where I’m From
By: Natalie Partna

I am from books,
from mythology and fanfiction.
I am from the imaginary world;
Mythology, folk tales,
I am from nature,
the oak tree, the weeping willow.

I am from music and it's
from country to screamo.
I am from the deepest depths of the heart
and the softest velvet of the soul,
from poetic words,
and love.
I am from sadness,
and from tears.

I am from deafening silence,
where words scream
trying to escape me,
from a world where words can be weapons,
from the pain of the truth.

I am from tears,
the ones everyone else cries,
the only one,
still trying to act strong,

I am from the darkness,
sadness of the light.
I am from the fear,
the cold truth,
the coldness of our world.

I am from the earth,
the green grass to the majestic mountains.
From the confines of my dark room,
the home of me.

I am from superheroes and humans,
mutants alike.
I am from magick and life.
I am from pain and sorrow,
from the past days.

I am from the beginning of time,
to the furthest point in the future.
From happiness,
to sad.
From old times,
to glad.

I am from myself,
I am of myself.
I am strength, (or at least I'd like to think so)
from pain and hurt.
I am from being thrown every which way,
near tears of life at the end of the day.

This is who I am.
This is where I'm from.
This is from history.
This is from life.
This is me.

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